Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Daytona Beach Fishing Charter Inshore Report 5-14-2014

For more information, check out our site The fishing is really starting to heat up here in the Daytona Beach Florida area! We have been focusing on topwater action in the morning all the way to 10-11am some days.




and Trout...

...are the main game fish that will pounce on the topwater lures. In Ormond Beach there has been a steady increase in Jack Crevalle. In my opinion the Jack is one of the area's most underrated game fish species. Tie him tail to tail with any other species and I bet he will win. As a fishing guide in the Daytona Beach area, I sometimes rely on the powerful Jacks when the other fish have lock jaw and my clients want a good fight. The Flounder have also been a reliable catch lately. Just yesterday I stopped at the rivers edge after dropping my kids off at school and within 10 minutes had a really nice fish nail my crankbait. I don't keep fish very often these days but I decided this one would make a fine meal for the family (and it did!).

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