Friday, June 21, 2013

6-21-2013 Greater Daytona and Ormond Beach Fishing Report

Summers here and the time is right for fishing in the creeks... and the Basin! This past week has made for some exceptional charters! The hot bite has been Redfish. I fished Shane and his son Hunter Wednesday morning. After a few missed fish, Shane got a nice 25" Redfish in the Tomoka River.
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After that, the bite slowed so we headed out to the Basin. We spotted a couple nice fish but could not get them to eat. I decided to anchor the boat and cast some mullet out and boy did it pay. Within 5 minutes it was fish on. Within 45 minutes we had two more 24-25" reds and a couple smaller ones. Hunter started his day with a Catfish and ended it with largest fish as well as most fish landed. He just kept cranking them in!
Wednesday afternoon I had another Trip with Meghan and Blue. We caught the last of the outgoing tide and within the first hour we had a Juvenile Tarpon
A 28" Snook
and some smaller throwbacks. On our way to the Basin we landed a handful of other fish including Ladyfish, Mangrove Snapper, and Redfish.
We made our way to the basin to Target Redfish and ended up with a few nice fish up to 24". Here is one we picked off the Docks.
The Shrimp run is starting up here in Ormond and Flagler. Make sure those nets are patched up and ready to go. We should also start seeing the Menhaden in the river now and the larger Tarpon with be right along with them. The big schools of Menhaden are in the ocean but we have yet to see any Tarpon busting them up. We did launch the yaks last week up near Mainstreet Pier and got into the big Croakers everyone was talking about. I lost something big on a large Pigfish, in fact whatever it was almost flipped my kayak over. That wraps things up for this week. For more photos and information on my charters, please visit

Monday, June 17, 2013

6-17-2013 Ormond/Daytona Beach Fishing Report

For those of you that don't know, my web site has had a complete makeover.  Please take some time to visit it and tell me what you think.  It is a work in progress so return often to see new photos, fishing reports, and how to's.

Now that the water is back in the River, the fish have returned to their normal feeding patterns.  This morning, I guided new clients John and Chad from Georgia to a good mixed bag of
Redfish up to 21"

A monster 28" trout

and a nice Juvenile Tarpon.  

Live and cut Mullet along with DOA Shrimp got the job done this morning.  We are seeing some nice sized Reds up in the Tomoka but they seem to be picky about what they want to eat.  

The Tarpon bite has been good and will only get better.  I got a chance to get out with my son yesterday for fathers day and he showed me how to do it.  

There is a nice hatch of candy sized Pinfish in the river right now.  The Tarpon seem to enjoy them very much.  Here is one of two Tarpon landed a few days ago with Bob from Orlando.