Thursday, November 14, 2013

11-14-2013 Daytona and Ormond Beach Florida Fishing report

With the official start of Winter just a little over a month away, we will see some major changes here in Ormond Beach, FL. This time of year can be tricky for some because it such a transition. As we are already starting to see, the winds will become prevalent throughout the day and the water temperature will slowly begin to drop. This cooling of the water will send many fish up river to their deep water haunts. The Redfish and Black Drum will begin schooling up so where there is one there's usually more. If Flounder is your passion then your in luck! This is the time of year that the Fall Flounder migration begins. Fishing finger mullet, mud minnows, and shrimp on or near the bottom is the key to success. Remember, a Flounder will only travel so far for its food, so cover lots of ground. If you'd prefer to fish artificials the 4" DOA Jerk Shad along with the CAL 3" Shad tail are very hard to beat. I personally find the glow, new penny, and the glow/goldrush colors work the best for me. Use just enough weight to keep them near the bottom. As always, I am always happy to hear your stories and input. If you haven't hooked up with me on facebook (CaptainEric Greenstein), please do so, its usually the first place I post news.
Captain Eric Greenstein with a Monster Daytona Beach Fl Redfish

Thursday, September 12, 2013

9-12-2013 Daytona/Ormond Beach Fishing Report

For Guide Rates and Info, please visit To say the fishing has been great would be an understatement! The Redfish continues to be the dominant bite in the Tomoka River and Basin. We are getting fish up to 32", sometimes 2-3 this size in a single trip. Live bait continues to be the best producer but they have started to become receptive to the 4" DOA Jerk Shad in New Penny and Glow. With Redfish you really need to slow your retrieve down and make sure your bait is near the bottom.
The Tarpon have also been very active in ICW from Daytona to Ormond and up the Tomoka. Today I guided new clients Ronny and his wife Pat to a real beaut! Pat thought she had it whooped after fighting it for a few minutes. Once that fish saw the boat, it was hold on Nelly! Nothing beats a nice Tarpon on light tackle in my opinion.
After a few screamer runs and multiple displays of aerial intimidation, we got it to the boat for a quick snap and release. Prior to the Tarpon action, Ronny and Pat had their morning cup of what I like to call "fish coffee". Within 5 minutes of casting out the lines we starting hooking up to upper and over slot reds back to back. 30" was the big red of the morning.
The big gafftops are all over the place as usual with all the Menhaden. I had the pleasure of having one regurgitate a lovely stew of rotten fish guts all of me and my boat, that was nice. The Jacks are busting bait all over the bars and will eat a frozen hotdog if you work it fast and erratic. I haven't spent a lot of time up the Tomoka this past week but last week I got a lot of smaller Snook up to about 22" on what and chartreuse jigs on a 1/8 ounce head. Im working on a bunch of video I've taken over the past few months so be sure to check my site often for that. Until next time, enjoy your time on the water and be safe.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

8-20-2013 Fishing Report Ormond/Daytona Beach Florida

The Tomoka Basin has been producing some outstanding fishing for the past few weeks for us. Since the influx of Menhaden a few weeks ago, the fish have been on a feeding frenzy. The Tarpon bite continues to heat up in the Shallows of the Basin. Find the bait and you will find fish. Live mullet has been the key to our success. The Redfish action has also been very good. Again, natural bait has been out catching the plastic 5-1. Heading up the Tomoka River, the Snook and Tarpon are growing in size. The water clarity is much better up that way, so artificials have been the key for covering ground. If I had to pick just one lure this year, it would have to be the 3" Glow/Coppercrush DOA Shrimp. It catches everything, anytime, day or night! If you can find live shrimp, the Black Drum and Mangrove Snapper have also been a reliable catch around structure. I hope this helps you guys/gals get a few fish on the line this week. Remember to practice catch and release whenever possible. For more information on my charters, photographs, how to's, and much more, please visit Capt. Eric

Thursday, August 1, 2013


The Tomoka Basin has been producing some serious Redfish action the past few weeks. On todays charter we got 2 over slot Reds, along with 7 mid to upper slot fish all within just a few hours.
These fish are honed in on mullet right now. A live or cut mullet freelined on a circle hook is the key to success! Up the Tomoka River, we are getting into some really good quality Snook. On Wednesdays charter I got a 30 incher under the US1 bridge.
It sure is nice to see fish of that caliber around here again! The Tarpon are on again off again..... Found some promising fish today but they wouldn't eat for us. Lots of bait around and during the low light hours, its getting pummeled. Fishing is hot folks!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

7-23-2013 Bright moon = bad fishing

As we set off on our trip early yesterday morning (7-22).  We were greated by a very bright night light in the sky.  As beautiful as it was, I knew it might have negative effects on our day.  The full moon fishing during the morning/day has a reputation of being somewhat slow at times.  Although, there have been plenty of occasions we have gone out only to have extremely successful days during the full moon.  You can never tell for sure and most of us are going to go fishing regardless.  

At our first stop, the exact spot that we were catching redfish after redfish just the day before, at about the same time, the only fish we could muster were a Jack and a Blue.  We headed over to Jones cut and had a few good topwater blow ups but no hook ups.  We then shot back into the basin and managed a nice mid slot Redfish and a Snook.  We lost a few fish there as well.  From there we went up river to pluck off another Snook and a fat Mangrove Snapper.  We had a few suspected Tarpon takes but no hookups.  And that was our morning.  Not the best, not the worst.  

Thursday, July 18, 2013

7-18-2013 Fishing Report Daytona/Ormond Beach Florida

Well if you follow me on Facebook you know that it has been a great week of fishing. We have been catching a good mix of nice size fish. The Flounder bite is strong in the river and its a rare trip we don't get at least a few. Loopy Lopez with a big 22" Flattie
The Redfish are scattered around the Basin, up in the Tomoka River, and also up in the mudflats at Highbridge. Captain Richard with a nice Tomoka Basin Redfish
The Tarpon bite is continuing to pick up steam. In fact I had the pleasure of guiding Dave and his sons to their first ever Tarpon this morning. Each of the boys were able to hook and land their own fish, which made for a very memorable morning.
The Snook bite is also strong. On a solo trip Monday I hooked over 30 Snook and landed about half. The largest fish landed measured 22" but 3 of the fish lost were easily slot sized fish. Keep in mind that Snook are still out of season and must be carefully released. We don't keep Snook on our charters anyway, at least for the next few years until their numbers get back to normal. The Mangrove Snapper bite is in full force from the Basin up past the island in the Tomoka. We are catching them up to about 15". Jacks and Ladyfish are also a regular catch. That about sums things up for this week. Don't forget to check back often for new reports and photos. Have fun and stay safe out there, Capt. Eric

Friday, June 21, 2013

6-21-2013 Greater Daytona and Ormond Beach Fishing Report

Summers here and the time is right for fishing in the creeks... and the Basin! This past week has made for some exceptional charters! The hot bite has been Redfish. I fished Shane and his son Hunter Wednesday morning. After a few missed fish, Shane got a nice 25" Redfish in the Tomoka River.
Click any photo to view full size

After that, the bite slowed so we headed out to the Basin. We spotted a couple nice fish but could not get them to eat. I decided to anchor the boat and cast some mullet out and boy did it pay. Within 5 minutes it was fish on. Within 45 minutes we had two more 24-25" reds and a couple smaller ones. Hunter started his day with a Catfish and ended it with largest fish as well as most fish landed. He just kept cranking them in!
Wednesday afternoon I had another Trip with Meghan and Blue. We caught the last of the outgoing tide and within the first hour we had a Juvenile Tarpon
A 28" Snook
and some smaller throwbacks. On our way to the Basin we landed a handful of other fish including Ladyfish, Mangrove Snapper, and Redfish.
We made our way to the basin to Target Redfish and ended up with a few nice fish up to 24". Here is one we picked off the Docks.
The Shrimp run is starting up here in Ormond and Flagler. Make sure those nets are patched up and ready to go. We should also start seeing the Menhaden in the river now and the larger Tarpon with be right along with them. The big schools of Menhaden are in the ocean but we have yet to see any Tarpon busting them up. We did launch the yaks last week up near Mainstreet Pier and got into the big Croakers everyone was talking about. I lost something big on a large Pigfish, in fact whatever it was almost flipped my kayak over. That wraps things up for this week. For more photos and information on my charters, please visit

Monday, June 17, 2013

6-17-2013 Ormond/Daytona Beach Fishing Report

For those of you that don't know, my web site has had a complete makeover.  Please take some time to visit it and tell me what you think.  It is a work in progress so return often to see new photos, fishing reports, and how to's.

Now that the water is back in the River, the fish have returned to their normal feeding patterns.  This morning, I guided new clients John and Chad from Georgia to a good mixed bag of
Redfish up to 21"

A monster 28" trout

and a nice Juvenile Tarpon.  

Live and cut Mullet along with DOA Shrimp got the job done this morning.  We are seeing some nice sized Reds up in the Tomoka but they seem to be picky about what they want to eat.  

The Tarpon bite has been good and will only get better.  I got a chance to get out with my son yesterday for fathers day and he showed me how to do it.  

There is a nice hatch of candy sized Pinfish in the river right now.  The Tarpon seem to enjoy them very much.  Here is one of two Tarpon landed a few days ago with Bob from Orlando.