Thursday, May 29, 2014

5-29-2014 Daytona Beach Fishing Report

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The Tarpon continue to dominate the bite in the Tomoka River.  The average size of our year round residents range from 5-20 pounds and can be caught on a multitude of natural and artificials baits.  A few of my favorites artificials include the D.O.A. Shrimp in the 3" size and the MirrOlure MirrOdine.  Your best bet is to cast at the rolling fish or in area's that you know hold tarpon.  Let the DOA Shrimp sink to the bottom and slowly reel it in, its that simple.  The MirrOdine can be worked slowly or twitched back, depending on the Tarpons mood that day.  The Tarpon in Ormond Beach seem to have a special place in their heart for live shrimp as well.  Remember to use very sharp hooks and use a strong hook set.  Tarpon will fight until they literally have nothing left so don't drag things out to long with them.  If you need to remove them from the water, be quick, they are very fragile at this stage.  Carefully revive them and make sure they swim away safely.  The Mangrove Snapper continues to stay strong with fish up to 15".  Small baitfish or shrimp work very well but the mangrove will also take hard and soft lures as well as fly.  The Snook have been hit or miss but when they are good they have been great.  The Redfish have been scattered as well but its rare to have a trip that we don't catch at least of few.  The Flounder have also made their presence known in the Halifax River.  We lost a monster doormat boatside, earlier in the week.  That about wraps things up for todays fishing report.  Check back often for more fishing news for Ormond and Daytona Beach.

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