Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Throwback Wednesday 5-21-2014

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Here's an early throwback Thursday for all of you out in interspace.  Back in late June of 2013, I was fly fishing in Ormond Beach.  I was near Tomoka State Park in a deep water creek named Strickland Creek.  It connects Sanchez Park to the Tomoka River.  Anyway, I am having a blast catching these 18-24" Snook on a small brown shrimp pattern.  I get on my 4th fish and as i'm bringing it in, I notice something very large shadowing it from below.  At first glance I thought maybe it was big momma Snook following her man.  As I pull the fish further from the depths, the shadow rose along with it. When it got closer I could tell it was no Snook, it has a rounded head, almost like a Redfish.  I decide I need to get the Snook out of the water asap before this mystery fish attacks.  I give a hard pull on the fly rod and the shadow attacks, right at the side of my boat.  It was the biggest bluefish I had ever seen in person.  It came up, grabbed the Snook, shook its head a few times, and disappeared.  As a strictly catch and release Snook fisherman I was bummed to lose a Snook like that but what an amazing site. Goes to show, you never know what you'll see out in the Back Country in Ormond Beach Florida.  

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