Thursday, September 12, 2013

9-12-2013 Daytona/Ormond Beach Fishing Report

For Guide Rates and Info, please visit To say the fishing has been great would be an understatement! The Redfish continues to be the dominant bite in the Tomoka River and Basin. We are getting fish up to 32", sometimes 2-3 this size in a single trip. Live bait continues to be the best producer but they have started to become receptive to the 4" DOA Jerk Shad in New Penny and Glow. With Redfish you really need to slow your retrieve down and make sure your bait is near the bottom.
The Tarpon have also been very active in ICW from Daytona to Ormond and up the Tomoka. Today I guided new clients Ronny and his wife Pat to a real beaut! Pat thought she had it whooped after fighting it for a few minutes. Once that fish saw the boat, it was hold on Nelly! Nothing beats a nice Tarpon on light tackle in my opinion.
After a few screamer runs and multiple displays of aerial intimidation, we got it to the boat for a quick snap and release. Prior to the Tarpon action, Ronny and Pat had their morning cup of what I like to call "fish coffee". Within 5 minutes of casting out the lines we starting hooking up to upper and over slot reds back to back. 30" was the big red of the morning.
The big gafftops are all over the place as usual with all the Menhaden. I had the pleasure of having one regurgitate a lovely stew of rotten fish guts all of me and my boat, that was nice. The Jacks are busting bait all over the bars and will eat a frozen hotdog if you work it fast and erratic. I haven't spent a lot of time up the Tomoka this past week but last week I got a lot of smaller Snook up to about 22" on what and chartreuse jigs on a 1/8 ounce head. Im working on a bunch of video I've taken over the past few months so be sure to check my site often for that. Until next time, enjoy your time on the water and be safe.

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