Friday, November 14, 2014

New charter business name, logo, and web site revealed!

I am excited to share my new business name, logo, and website with all of my friends and loyal supporters.  After years of deliberation, and countless sleepless nights, I have finally decided on a charter name.  The new web site is 90% complete and is now up and running.  Drum roll please.......  My new charter business will be Full Scale Charters.  Check it out at

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Daytona Beach Fishing Report 7/29/2014

Daytona Beach Fishing Report 7/29/2014
Captain Eric Greenstein

The big summer Tarpon are starting to show themselves in Ormond.  We jumped a couple 30 pound fish a few days ago on a charter in Daytona Beach around the bridges.  Live Menhaden make the best bait if you can find them.  If not, live mullet and large live shrimp will also get the job done.  Beef up the leader to 40-50lb and if your fishing near structure 20-30 pound main line will help horse them away.  Big Jacks are also everywhere right now and are a blast on light tackle.  Topwater lures work great if they are busting bait at the surface.  Hang on tight, these bruisers run hard!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

A couple of the better fish from one of my recent charters.
The Snook came from the Tomoka River and had a uniquely deformed lateral line. We also broke off a couple really nice redfish to the structure.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ormond Beach Fishing Report 6-9-2014

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The morning bite has been very good for the last week.  We have been catching some really nice size Trout on the oyster bars.  The last of the incoming and first hour or two of the outgoing is where the action is.  Along with the trout, there have been some fat Pompano as well.

In my opinion the Pompano is about the best tasting fish out there.  Free lined shrimp will do the trick for both species.  You can also expect to catch Jack Crevalle, Ladyfish, and Mangrove Snapper.  We are also catching some big Redfish fishing the docks in Ormond Beach.  

The Redfish will have a hard time refusing a live mullet or shrimp.  Last week we took a trip up the Tomoka River and found a few schools of Tarpon up to 40 pounds but could not get them to eat anything.  We did manage to jump one on a DOA Shrimp.  That concludes the fishing news for this week.  Have fun out there. 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

5-29-2014 Daytona Beach Fishing Report

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The Tarpon continue to dominate the bite in the Tomoka River.  The average size of our year round residents range from 5-20 pounds and can be caught on a multitude of natural and artificials baits.  A few of my favorites artificials include the D.O.A. Shrimp in the 3" size and the MirrOlure MirrOdine.  Your best bet is to cast at the rolling fish or in area's that you know hold tarpon.  Let the DOA Shrimp sink to the bottom and slowly reel it in, its that simple.  The MirrOdine can be worked slowly or twitched back, depending on the Tarpons mood that day.  The Tarpon in Ormond Beach seem to have a special place in their heart for live shrimp as well.  Remember to use very sharp hooks and use a strong hook set.  Tarpon will fight until they literally have nothing left so don't drag things out to long with them.  If you need to remove them from the water, be quick, they are very fragile at this stage.  Carefully revive them and make sure they swim away safely.  The Mangrove Snapper continues to stay strong with fish up to 15".  Small baitfish or shrimp work very well but the mangrove will also take hard and soft lures as well as fly.  The Snook have been hit or miss but when they are good they have been great.  The Redfish have been scattered as well but its rare to have a trip that we don't catch at least of few.  The Flounder have also made their presence known in the Halifax River.  We lost a monster doormat boatside, earlier in the week.  That about wraps things up for todays fishing report.  Check back often for more fishing news for Ormond and Daytona Beach.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Throwback Wednesday 5-21-2014

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Here's an early throwback Thursday for all of you out in interspace.  Back in late June of 2013, I was fly fishing in Ormond Beach.  I was near Tomoka State Park in a deep water creek named Strickland Creek.  It connects Sanchez Park to the Tomoka River.  Anyway, I am having a blast catching these 18-24" Snook on a small brown shrimp pattern.  I get on my 4th fish and as i'm bringing it in, I notice something very large shadowing it from below.  At first glance I thought maybe it was big momma Snook following her man.  As I pull the fish further from the depths, the shadow rose along with it. When it got closer I could tell it was no Snook, it has a rounded head, almost like a Redfish.  I decide I need to get the Snook out of the water asap before this mystery fish attacks.  I give a hard pull on the fly rod and the shadow attacks, right at the side of my boat.  It was the biggest bluefish I had ever seen in person.  It came up, grabbed the Snook, shook its head a few times, and disappeared.  As a strictly catch and release Snook fisherman I was bummed to lose a Snook like that but what an amazing site. Goes to show, you never know what you'll see out in the Back Country in Ormond Beach Florida.  

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Daytona Beach Fishing Report 5-17-2014

I am happy to say that this weeks Daytona Beach Fishing report is loaded with good news. With the full moon behind us, the fishing should be very good this weekend. Im predicting that the recent temperature drop will have the trout fired up. Look for them around oyster bars, island points, and drop offs. My personal favorite bait for Trout is a lively Croaker. Toss it out on a popping cork or freelined, depending on the conditions. Shrimp and finger mullet also work well along with artificials. We are still seeing lots of Tarpon spread out in the creeks and rivers in Ormond Beach. They can't seem to refuse the clear DOA Shrimp fished very slowly near the bottom. Redfish, and Flounder have also been plentiful in the shallow mudflats. The Snook are all over the place in the Tomoka River and Basin.

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 Captain Eric